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The most successful door and counter makers offer a broad choice of highly customizable products… and deliver them in very large quantities. How can you optimize work on products that can be built in thousands of different ways?

Cienapp’s depth and sheer power can help you build a highly detailed catalogue of specifications from which customizable products can be built. Moldings, thickness, style, wood essence: the exact cost of materials and labor for each possibility is carefully documented, then shared with all departments. Why don’t we have a look?

Sales | Cieblink

By centralizing all product information in a single, custom catalogue, the Salesmodule allows you to prepare individual quotes at least 25% more quickly. And because data is shared automatically across multiple departments, you avoid kicking off a new project with an expensive“cut and paste” misunderstanding.

A series of tools makes it possible to monitor sales and proposals closely and asses if you’re on track to reach your goals.


No matter how many orders come in, the work can’t progress any faster than a critical metric: your capacity bottleneck. By making sure sales and production are in sync, the Planningmodule helps get the most value out of your schedule and to increase the number of projects you can complete each month.

By automating certain tasks through a processor and by aligning measuring, production, delivery and installation schedules perfectly, the Planningmodule helps reduce the need for overtime.


The Supplying module is designed to facilitate just-in-time supplying: minimizing the delay between receiving your supplier’s invoice and your customer’s payment. It allows you to fulfill orders just as quickly –while keeping less stock.

Using online purchases powered by Cieblink, the Supplying module makes management a breeze, increases stock rotation and helps achieve savings on cash flow financing. A direct link with your CFAO makes it possible to automatically import an order’s complete products and material information.


The production module gathers all project information into a single work order, allowing everyone instant access to the latest information and avoiding wasting time.

However, the real value is being able to track how much time accurately each task requires and determine the real cost price of each project. By reviewing completed projects regularly, you can perfect your proposals and identify which opportunities are most profitable.


Forgetting a single item during a kitchen cabinet delivery is very expensive. If installers discover it too late, the work can’t move forward without a second delivery. Everything gets delayed. And it looks bad in front of your customer!

Applying barcode labels on all outgoing materials reduces the risks of mistakes and allows you to track the exact status of an order.


The error is human… except when someone errors on a client invoice. Then it becomes more like an “accidental discount”. By automating all transcription work between the order, invoice and accounting software, the Accounting module helps you avoid expensive “copy + paste” mistakes.

The module also makes it possible to quickly produce reports that would be time-consuming to create manually –such as ongoing project value or inventory value –in addition to cutting the time required to create invoices by half.


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