Simplify the sale of complex products,
with the Configurator.

Subscribing to the Configurator package of Cieblink eCommerce allow you to define with precision the choices of features, colours, and options for your customizable products. Build your own catalogue and let your clients explore all the possibilities on their own!

Custom recipes

Specify a price per features

Your customer will then only have to select the desired features to create the product adapted to his needs. Customize pricing based on parameters such as geographic origin or type of customer.




Custom products

Go to the good depth

You finished choosing your finishes, models, and other global characteristics for your projects, but you now realise that certain cabinets or items will need more personalisation? Per example cabinets can have a finish panel on one side, different drawer types, etc.

Those characteristics are fully customisable according to your specific needs! This means your clients will go to the appropriate information depth you need!


Indicate the delivery delay by option

Inform your customers from the start of the delay required to complete their project, taking into account the steps that require the most time. If necessary, adjust the information to notify your buyers in real-time.

Special Orders

Impose your limits

Define your own exclusion rules and criteria to prevent a customer from selecting incompatible choices. For example, some finishes may only be offered with specific materials, and other options may not be available beyond maximum dimensions.

Offer visual plans
of the configurations

Subscribing to Cieblink Marketplace’s pro plan allows you to automate your procurement process, taking your purchases to a whole new level. Put “pro” in your “supply”!

Apply certain
recettes en lot

Define a list of choices to be applied to all selected products, saving you from having to make the same changes over and over again. Use this approach to create templates that are easy to customize into new products or to make a change to your entire offer.


To better control access to your data, switch to the private mode

Do you prefer to control access to your products and price lists, to ensure that your new customers are properly qualified and that your existing customers do not also visit your competitors? Add private mode to your subscription to manage registered users and restrict search results to your own products.

Bridge connection

Avoid the « copy + paste» errors: connect Cieblink to your favourites software

Add a connection bridge to your subscription to pair Cieblink with your existing accounting or management software. All data entries related to your purchases on the platform will be automatically transmitted, allowing you to concentrate on more important (and let’s face it, not so boring) tasks in your business.