All your purchases, All your suppliers.
One free platform.

Cieblink Marketplace, it’s like a virtual mall allowing you to centralize all the purchases you make to your suppliers – even the one that doesn’t use it ! Select the products and their characteristics, quantities and required delivery dates and Cieblink will automatically validate all the information with your supplier.

Better yet : it’s free!

Online purchases

Follow all your orders in real-time

At a glance, a simple and intuitive colour code informs you if each of your orders is either accepted (green), waiting for a response (yellow) or if some details require your attention (red).

Research and add suppliers

Find and invite your suppliers

Cieblink already reunites many manufacturers. Consult their products catalogue and add them to your cart, or import them with an Excel sheet for even more efficiency.

If your supplier is not on the platform, you can still utilize it : since the exchanges are based on an automatized email system, no account is required to receive the orders.

Special Orders

Simplify the purchases of custom products

Even when a product is customized, it often comes down to a number of choices and characteristics. Cieblink simplifies ordering complex products of all kinds by taking charge of all characteristics like the colour, the dimensions, the finish or special options.

Bridge connection

Avoid the « copy + paste» errors: connect Cieblink to your favourites software

Add a connection bridge to your subscription to pair Cieblink with your existing accounting or management software. All data entries related to your purchases on the platform will be automatically transmitted, allowing you to concentrate on more important (and let’s face it, not so boring) tasks in your business.

For your supplying needs,
switch to pro mode.

Subscribing to the pro package of Cieblink Marketplace allow you to automatize your supplying process, to make your purchasing pass to a whole new level. Add some “pro” in your “purchasing process”

Monitor your inventory in real-time
straight from the Cieblink platform.

Directly import the technical drawing of your drawing software to automatically extract the components to purchase, therefore ensuring you will never forget anything.

Manage your purchases
by projects
to better isolate the costs.

Adopt the just-in-time supplying to reduce your fixed costs, improve your cash flow and increase your performance.