Discover the Synergy of Cieblink and Ciemetric in Creating Unique Kitchens

Welcome to the convergence of Cieblink technology and Ciemetric design expertise, creating a revolutionary experience in custom kitchen sales. Our integration of these two technologies with your WooCommerce store offers a new dimension to your business.

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“Every kitchen is a blank canvas, where each technological feature becomes a custom-made work of art.”

Welcome to the exceptional union of Cieblink technology and Ciemetric’s creative genius, sculpting a revolutionary experience in the sale of custom kitchens. This harmonious alliance, integrated with your WooCommerce store, adds a new dimension to your business.


“Frequently Asked Questions”

The seamless and instant connectivity between processes is made possible by the synergy between Cieblink, Ciemetric, and WooCommerce, seamlessly orchestrated by the CieCommerce plugin.

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What customization options does Ciemetric offer for designing custom kitchens?

Ciemetric offers complete customization, allowing users to choose from a wide range of styles, materials, and configurations. Each element can be adjusted in real-time, providing a highly flexible design experience.

How can one ensure the security of payments with CieCommerce when purchasing a custom kitchen?

CieCommerce incorporates advanced security protocols, ensuring a secure transaction. Payment information is processed in an encrypted manner, assuring the confidentiality of personal data.

What is the typical duration for integrating Cieblink and Ciemetric with an existing WooCommerce store?

The integration of Cieblink and Ciemetric with WooCommerce is an efficient process. Generally, the dedicated integration team ensures that the process is quick and hassle-free, tailored to your existing environment.

Is it possible to apply unconventional designs with Cieblink and Ciemetric?

Absolutely! Cieblink and Ciemetric encourage creativity. Unconventional designs are welcomed, and our team is there to support you in bringing your bold ideas to life.

How can I track the status of my order in real-time after completing the purchase?

After completing the order, you can track the status of your order directly from your WooCommerce account. Real-time updates, from production to delivery, are available to keep you informed at every step.

Do users need technical skills to use Ciemetric for designing custom kitchens?

No, the user-friendly interface of Ciemetric is designed to be accessible to everyone, even without technical experience. Intuitive guides simplify each step of the design process, providing an uncomplicated user experience.

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Custom Design

Users create their custom kitchen with Ciemetric, selecting styles, materials, and features.

Add to Cart

Once the design is complete, the customer adds their custom kitchen to the cart directly from the Ciemetric interface.

Order and Payment

Seamless integration with WooCommerce allows the customer to finalize their order and pay securely through our dedicated plugin, CieCommerce.