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7 courses · 28 hours

Deepen your knowledge about cabinets. Adapt your offering and pricing with the help of Cieblink.


Equipment and Space:

  • Ensure access to Cienapps, Cieblink or Ciemetric.
  • A computer/laptop with a stable internet connection.
  • Microphone and speakers or a working headset.
  • Installation of the latest version of the Chrome browser.
  • A quiet, distraction-free space to follow the course, ideally in a closed room to avoid background noise.
#1 Creation of the cabinet catalog

Configure and manage the cabinet catalog on Cieblink. You will learn to define recipes, transfer products to Cieblink, and fully exploit Cienapps features such as right-click and discount management.

# 2 Connecting to your systems
Master the essential aspects of configuration, allowing for seamless integration with your Cabinet Vision, Microvellum, and Ciemetric tools.
# 3 Precise hardware configuration
Discover how to accurately configure grids for material choices for cabinets and unified doors.
#4 Managing door suppliers within your catalog
Focus on selecting door suppliers and accurately configuring pricing formulas. You will learn to adjust pricing variables to align with supplier offers, ensuring up-to-date and competitive pricing in your catalog.
#5 Advanced configuration of your cabinet specifics
Guide in selecting and creating essential models for cabinets, especially drawers, hinges, and handles. At the same time, we will also explore how to configure and adjust the associated variables, allowing you to refine and personalize your catalog optimally.
#6 Customization options for accessories and hardware
Dive into the diversity of accessory and drawer options available for cabinets. This session offers insights into customizing your cabinet catalog.
#7 Customization options for cabinets and your prices
Explore the nuances of cabinet modification options and how to effectively manage surcharges. This session guides you through the essential features of cabinet modifications and provides an overview of sales price management.

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10 courses, 40 hours to define your offer.

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Master your catalog, invest in learning. Bring your designs to life.

Intuitive creation

Grasp the tools for a compelling and eloquent catalog.

Technique fluidity

Master the nuances for limitless customization.

Commercial transformation

Turn every piece of knowledge into a sales opportunity.