Create your e-commerce and get connected to each and every buyers!
Invite your customers!


Create your own e-commerce and connect with each and every industry buyer

Create your product catalog and get found by an ever-growing audience of cabinet makers, woodworkers and trade professionals. For free.


Simplify your order management

You no longer need to implement a heavy software, or to use multiple methods to communicate with your buyers! Cieblink includes all the necessary tools for you to manage your customer orders from a single platform!

025 Communicate faster

Get rid of those endless emails and infuriating “back and forth” fax papers. Enjoy real-time confirmation status and respond to multiple customer orders from a single platform.

Color codes allow you to review the status of multiple orders with just a glance!


Let your products shine

Enjoy great visibility to promote your product catalogs and at the right price! Add, remove and update product information as you see fit!


Grow your customer base

Customers enjoy shopping in just one place, where it’s easier to order multiple products and the experience is always the same. Cieblink allows you to reach customers who are already at the BUYING stage!


Buyers are already there!

This means you don’t need to teach them how to use e-commerce or how to use an electronic order form. We’re doing it for you!


…and if they are not,

Your customers can purchase online even if they don’t have an account yet! No need for heavy implementation of costly software : it’s easy!